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I’m Dharmendra from Surat, the Diamond city of the state Gujarat in India. I have completed my graduation in the stream of Electrical engineering. Executive Certification in Digital Marketing from IIM (Kashipur), Brand Management and Marketing from Mudra institute of Communication (MICA), Train the Trainer from R-academy and Lynda. NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner from Sh. Graham

I am a transformational coach who helps people create little transformations within for a greater transformation to take place outside. I help the important units of high performance teams & compassionate societies to become the best. My approach is to create programs & tools by combining cutting edge science with ancient wisdom. I conduct very high intensity workshops & coaching programs in the area of rapid transformation incorporating the concepts of neuroscience, subconscious mind, positive psychology, the law of attraction, beliefs, different meditation practices and quantum physics. These are sessions with strictly no blind beliefs. I practice, prove & demonstrate all that I preach